Project Description

Project selected in the Regional Operational Programme co-financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund

•   Project financed through the Regional Operational Programme 2007 – 2013
•   Priority Axis 5 – "Sustainable development and tourism promotion"
•   Key Area of Intervention 5.3. – "Promoting the tourist potential and creating the necessary infrastructure in order to increase Romania's attractiveness as a tourist destination"
•   Operation "Development and consolidation of domestic tourism by helping to promote specific products and specific marketing attractiveness"

The overall objective of the Project

Increasing the visibility of 6 (six) cultural sites with a high tourist potential in District 1, Bucharest and improving the tourist offer by creating a new tourist route which contain these.

The cultural sites will be promoted both locally and nationally.

The promoted cultural sites

The project "People and Places" aims to promote six cultural sites in District 1 which are declared historical monuments and are part of the national cultural heritage:

1. The Lenş-Vernescu house
2. The Cleopatra Trubeţkoi house
3. The Dissescu House
4. The Princess Elizabeth house
5. The Dinu Lipatti house
6. The Barbu Ştirbei palace

Project Activities

•   Creating a website dedicated to the project
•   Producing and distributing promotional materials (brochures, flyers, brochures, albums, maps, postcards, posters, DVDs, etc.)
•   Advertising inserts in newspapers
•   Broadcasting media spots
•   Outdoor advertising

The project target group

•   The local community of District 1 and the entire community of the capital by highlighting the sites of cultural heritage and the introduction of new tourist routes, previously less valorized;
•   Prospective visitors and Romanian and foreign tourists on vacation or passing that, by consulting the promotional materials of the 3 sites can choose to spend some or all their vacations, holidays, week-ends;
•   Tourists who wish to participate in local festivals and events;
•   Tourists interested in Bucharest who, in their approach, choose this short and efficient route of the 6 sites;
•   Participants in conventions, seminars, meetings held in exhibition centres which combine business tourism with cultural, leisure tourism, etc.;
•   Agencies and tour operators that will be addressed in attending events with touristic profile to include the "Peoples and Places" offer in the travel packages promoted and provided by them;
•   Local companies specialized in the field of tourism related services.

Project Budget

•   The total project value is 983.197,35 lei
•   The total eligible value of the project is 769.462,09 lei
•   The eligible value of the ERDF subsidy is of 654.042,78 lei
•   The eligible value of the national budget subsidy is of 100.030,07 lei
•   The beneficiary’s eligible co-financing is 15.389,24 lei

The project implementation period is 6 months, period between the signing date of the subsidy contract and the completion date of the last project activity.